Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week 05 updates on QtWebKit stable branches (v2.1 and v2.1.x)

As previously mentioned, QtWebKit-2.1 is an RC (Release Candidate). As it's targeted and supported only on Symbian, it's waiting for a final "Go" from the involved teams before an official release.

The 2.1.x branch is in relative good shape, but as with 2.1, it's waiting for feedback and Q&A from the teams involved and therefore should have quite a few more bugs fixed before it's ready for a release.

There has been some discussion on the mailing list about the scope of 2.1. The official scope of 2.1.x (it'll probably be released as 2.1.1 if nothing goes wrong with 2.1.0) is: 2.1.0 + html5 media (audio/video) + critical fixes. There are other feature requests by Nokia/Symbian (the only official audience for this release), which will be, from now on, discussed in the public mailing list before being pushed into the branch. The current list of proposed fixes for 2.1.x is available via the tracker bugs: #50925 and #50926.

Release notes for qtwebkit-2.1.x-week05
Changes since qtwebkit-2.1.x-week04
1 bugs, 1 commit

Bugs fixed / Tasks done:
  • #53010: Move contentEditable related tests to fast/dom/HTMLElement
Commits added or cherry-picked:
  • 3ed7d92: Move contentEditable related test cases to the right place as they are DOM

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