Friday, September 10, 2010

This week (36) in Oslo

This week's highlights from Oslo:

  • We've been reviewing what we're currently working on in our "Current Project Dashboard" in JIRA.
  • Andreas has become a WebKit reviewer(!!) and posted a nice blog about the state of HTML 5 Canvas support in QtWebKit trunk.
  • Integrated Juha's awesome fix for SSL hangs on Symbian into Qt 4.7.
  • V8 evaluation for QtScript continues at fast pace, as well as Andreas' work on massaging Vlad's patches to build QtWebKit with V8.
  • More preparations for Symbian/WebKit/Qt workshop in Oslo in Week 37
  • Tor Arne is refactoring the mediaelement fullscreen  branch to work better on different platforms with different graphics architectures, as well as fixing bugs in QtMultimediaKit.
  • Jocelyn found and fixed a bug in QNetworkAccessManager's internals, improving the network stability when loading many websites consecutively.
  • Benjamin has - among many other things - fixed auto-test failures with QtWebKit on Maemo/arm.


  1. If everything works, I also automated most of the benchmark running for Maemo 5. :)

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