Friday, September 3, 2010

This week (35) in Oslo

Back to a weekly rhythm:

  • We're ramping up on our technical evaluation of V8 for QtScript. Olivier joined (yay).
  • We're preparing hardware/software for a Qt/Symbian/WebKit workshop in Oslo.
  • Jocelyn - our Symbian Knight - has been debugging network load issues with Qt/QtWebKit.
  • Andreas started reviewing Vlad's V8-for-QtWebKit patches, so that we can find out how QtWebKit would work with V8.
  • Qt Developer Days are coming up, so some of us have been busy preparing presentations.
  • Benjamin is investigating clipping performance with WebKit and the OpenGL paint engine, but as usual we often come back to the conclusion of wanting raster. (update: It seems scissor clipping was disabled)
  • Hangs with SSL on Symbian are also giving us headaches. A guy from Digia was able to reproduce it and is helping out. Yay :)

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