Friday, August 13, 2010

Linking problems with LD_LIBRARY_PATH and Maemo/Scratchbox?

I just mentioned the same thing to Alexis, so I thought I'll write it down here so that anyone can find the solution if needed:

Sometimes when building Qt apps in Maemo/Scratchbox you'll notice that when you run ldd on your example app on the device it won't pick up your own build of but it'll always use the one in /usr/lib.

I recently heard about a neat trick to fix this:

The binary has a built-in rpath that makes the dynamic linker ignore LD_LIBRARY_PATH, but there's a little tool to fix it up. Just run "fakeroot apt-get install chrpath" in scratchbox and use "chrpath -d /path/to/your/testapp" to remove the rpath altogether. When you then run the binary on the device it'll respect LD_LIBRARY_PATH.

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