Friday, August 27, 2010

Last two weeks (33, 34) in Oslo

I missed out the summary of last week because I was travelling, so here are two weeks combined:

  • A bunch of us joined a workshop in Boston to work on stability issues with QtWebKit and Qt on Symbian
  • We're ramping up QtWebKit Symbian development in Oslo (setting up machines, Jocelyn has been working on making debug builds of QtWebKit for Symbian)
  • Work on the HTML 5 Video fullscreen support is progressing with work on transitions from inline to fullscreen in its own git branch. However now we're a bit stuck with framework bugs.
  • Our evaluation of using V8 for QtScript is progressing nicely by doing a sample implementation on
  • Andreas has been fixing bugs all over the place in the trunk - plugins, GraphicsContext (thx Ariya for reviews), DOM stuff
  • Benjamin summarized his SIMD work nicely in his blog post.

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