Monday, May 16, 2011

Week 19 updates on QtWebKit stable branches (v2.1.x)

uring the past week QtWebKit-2.1.x had only test-related changes to help us catch potential regressions and keep the code stable in the future, during maintenance mode.

IMPORTANT: Starting with QtWebKit-2.2, these weekly reports will only be sent to the development and announcement mailing lists thus leaving this blog for specific developer discussions or sporadic, important announcements.

Release Notes for qtwebkit-2.1.x-week19 - Changes since qtwebkit-2.1.x-week18
2 bugs, 7 commits

Bugs fixed / Tasks done:
  • #51894: [Qt] run-qtwebkit-tests needs timeout
  • #60188: [Qt] run-qtwebkit-tests misses exec bit
Commits added or cherry-picked:
  • 9d6baba: Try to make some xssAuditor tests less flakey.
  • d33fca6: Revert "Try to make some xssAuditor tests less flakey."
  • 7c21a8f: Skip a couple of flakey tests currently failing
  • 24e5a06: Yet another try to make the bots green
  • 9ac5e62: run-qtwebkit-tests should be able to kill a testsuite.
  • e6168e8: The new QML tests require QML_IMPORT_PATH variable to be set in order to
  • ae857ec: [Qt] run-qtwebkit-tests misses exec bit

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